DLHS Bengaluru Library, MAHE Bengaluru

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Policies & Procedures

  • All students must carry MAHE ID cards.
  • Bags, personal books/files, eatables, and beverages are not permitted inside the library.
  • All bags, folders must be left at the property counter outside the library.
  • It is advised not leave your Laptops, Mobiles, I-pads, wallets, currency/valuable things unattended inside the library. Library staff will not be responsible for loss of such things.
  • Silence and dignity must be maintained inside the library.
  • Sleeping is not allowed.
  • Sitting on the table and placing your feet on the table/chair is not allowed.
  • Photocopying/scanning services can be availed in the library. With respect to Copyright issues whole book/journal cannot be photocopied/scanned.
  • Wi-Fi service is enabled inside the library.
  • Disfiguring, tearing of pages from book, mutilation is strictly prohibited.
  • All library members who are graduating, discontinuing, leaving should seek “NO DUES” clearance from the library only after clearing all the dues towards the library.
  • Visitors are not allowed to borrow books.
  • Talking on Mobile phones is strictly prohibited inside the library.
  • Library updates will be notified from time to time.