DOC Manipal Library Digital Subscriptions

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    Pearson :

    Log in to the below-mentioned site with the given credentials:-


    Access code : WdS-BVz-wV9


    Request you to follow the instructions:

    1. Clear the cache from the browser.

    2. Use the URL:

    3. Click on the Login /Sign up tab

    4. Enter the Username and Password

    5. Click on My Library Tab to check all titles procured.

    6. Search by title name, key word, or author name and select the book and Add to Bookshelf.

    7. Click on My Bookshelf to read the titles.

    8. You will get a Dashboard page on which you can see the Desktop Application Tabs, depending upon the device, you can install the Desktop application and start referring to the titles Offline.

    For any technical issues, you can call us @ 1800-123-463-512 or

    Write to us