MIT Bengaluru Library, MAHE Bengaluru

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Circulation Rules

  • The students using the Library and Information Centre facilities should sign in the register kept at the entrance each time he/she uses the Library and Information Centre.
  • Readers shall maintain an atmosphere of quietness and dignity inside the Library and Information Centre.
  • Books will be issued only against the ID card.
  • Books will be issued to the students for a period of 15 days. This can be re-issued for another 30 days if not in demand by other users. If books are not returned, a fine Rs. 1/- per day up to 15 days after 15 days the fine will be Rs. 5/- per day shall be charged. Students on leave must make arrangement for return the books in time.
  • The entitlement for borrowing the books is as under: - a. B.E. STUDENTS : 02 BOOKS.
  • Students must apply for “NO DUES” certificate before leaving the institution which will be issued only after clearance of all dues of library.
  • Students are expected to read the notice issued from the library time to time, ignorance will be no excuse.
  • The Librarian reserves right to recall a book at any time.
  • If a book is mutilated or lost by the student(s), the cost of the book+ late fine+ processing charges etc., if any, must be paid. If book is available in the market, then it must be replaced by latest edition/reprint.
  • Students must carry their identity smart card with them whenever they wish to enter the library, failure of which, entry will not be permitted and can only be permitted by the librarian on specific written request.
  • Library and Information Centre materials should not be marked, defaced, in any way and illustrations, maps, charts etc, are not allowed.
  • Using mobile phones inside the Library and Information Centre is strictly prohibited.
  • All bags, folders etc. must be kept in property counter placed near security counter.
  • No refreshments or foodstuff of any kind shall be consumed anywhere inside the Library and Information Centre.