MIC Manipal Library

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Rules & Regulations

  • All students who visit the library must produce their library ID cards on demand. Books will be issued only on submission of the ID card.
  • Personal books, briefcases, plastic covers are not allowed inside the library.
  • Engaging in conversation/ discussion/ group study inside the library is strictly prohibited.
  • Use of mobile phones is prohibited inside the library.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the library.
  • Absolute silence is to be observed.
  • Sleeping is not allowed inside the library.
  • Eatables and beverages are not permitted inside the library.
  • All books and magazines are to be used with care. If a book, while under issue, is found to be damaged or lost, the member is held responsible.
  • The arrangement of furniture inside the library should not be disturbed.
  • Students can issue 2 books and 2 back issues of journals/ magazines at a time.
  • Two more books can be borrowed overnight (issued only after 6 pm) and should be returned the following morning before 10am. Those who fail to do so will be disentitled for further borrowing.
  • All students are expected to return borrowed books within a week. Those who fail to comply will pay a fine of Re.1/-per day for next one week. After that, the fine will be Rs.5 per day.
  • Students can ask for a reissue of the books on the due date and will be issued depending upon the demand of the book.
  • Books are required to be presented physically at the counter for renewal.
  • In case a book is lost under issue to a student, he/ she has to replace the book with overdue charges
  • Members are requested to collect the receipt for the overdue paid and for any other payment in the library.
  • Rs.100/-will be charged for the loss of library card.